Today, after about a year of preparation and planning, Members of the Swedish Historical Diving Society and the Royal Institute of Technology Diving Club, performed a series of Hydrox Dives in memory of the great innovator and diver, Arne Zetterström, who was accidentally killed during the ascent from his record dive with Hydrox in Aug 1945.

The memorial dives were performed using the same breathing mixture of 96% Hydrogen and 4% Oxygen as was developed and tested by A Zetterström in the 1940's. The dives were made to a depth of 40m, just deep enough to be able to use the Oxygen lean gas mixture.

We still have a long way to go, Project Leader Ola Lindh says, Even though it is not the goal,In order to repeat A Zetterströms record we would need to make a dive to 160m, even today a dive to that depth is considered extreme. The goal of the project is to explore and possibly show the possibility of using Hydrox in special dives. We have accomplished a major step in handling and mixing the explosive gas mixture in a safe way, the next step will be to dive deeper.

Team Members

  • Ola Lindh, Project Leader, Diver
  • Åke Larsson, Diver
  • Johan Carlsson, Diver
  • Steven Eriksson, Diver
  • Anders Puranen, Diver
  • Anders Palm
  • Lars Gustafsson, Diver